Hard Lox 2017

Dear Kol Simcha,

I’m having trouble gushing about you enough. What you did for High Holidays was simply transcendent. Over and over again, you hit your technical marks (tone, tuning, togetherness) and then unlocked the magic (artistry and awe). Several times I had to stop singing because I either had the chills, or I was choked up.

Now we get to have a ton of fun singing at Hard Lox! Here’s the set list: Hard Lox 2017 Set List. It’s shorter than in years past.

*** Note: we have a special guest accompanist, who is bringing along a special guest instrumentalist. If you want to know who they are, see you there! ***

I’m not bringing your music, so if you’d like it, please arrange to bring it. (You know me, I’d prefer if you didn’t – I’d rather have the audience see your eyes than have you get every note right. However, no worries if you’d like to hold it.)

What to wear: anything you want. Often we favor Hard Lox apparel, but it’s by no means a requirement. In general it’s good to dress in layers for Hard Lox, as the temperature tends to swing from quite cold to quite warm over the day.

Call is at 11:00 in front of the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. We take the stage at 11:30, and hand it to Shir Tephila around 11:50.

Finally, there’s no rehearsal this week, as I’m in San Francisco on Weds. We’ll rely on our excellent preparation, doused with some adrenaline, to deliver a stellar performance once again!

Much love,

Choir Schedule (services in bold)

  • 10/15 – 11 am call for 11:30 set at Hard Lox
  • 10/18 – James traveling, so rehearsal is TBD but not likely
  • 10/25 – 7 pm rehearsal
  • 10/27 – 6:30 call services
  • 11/01 – 7 pm rehearsal
  • 11/08 – 7 pm rehearsal
  • 11/10 – 6:30 call services
  • 12/06 – 7 pm rehearsal
  • 12/13 – 7 pm rehearsal
  • 12/15 – 6:30 call services

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