How To Join

So glad you’re interested in joining!

The Congregational Choir is open to all congregants and prospective congregants regardless of previous musical or Jewish experience.

It’s not required to know how to read hebrew or read music (but both help!) – just the ability to carry a tune and willingness to learn.

  1. Send the director your email and ask to sign up for the email list.
    We send about 1 email/week with the rehearsal agenda, song lists for upcoming services, and updated rehearsal schedule.
  2. First rehearsal: try to get to rehearsal 15 minutes early for a quick vocal analysis with the director so we can get you singing in the right part. We’ll provide you with a guest book of music. Make sure you check the schedule on to ensure we’re having rehearsal.
  3. Second rehearsal: enjoy singing! And make an appointment with the director to stay afterwards at the third rehearsal for an assessment discussion.
  4. Third rehearsal: after your third rehearsal, please plan to stay afterwards for 15-20 minutes for a discussion with the director about how things are going. The director may ask you to sing a little to hear your voice by itself. Together we can assess whether the choir is a mutually good fit, or if any changes need to be made.

If you are not a Temple member, you’re welcome to sing, but talk with the director about participation in High Holiday Services which are by ticket only.

Please feel free to come by and sing with us any time!

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