The Congregational Choir is a member-led organization.  Here are some of the current leadership opportunities and congregants who have volunteered to fulfill them.

To get involved, just talk with James!

  • Assistant directors – TBD
  • Music committee chair/members – Shirley Cohen, Vivian Smith, Steve Wechselblatt, …?
  • Membership chair – TBD
  • Soloists/duets/trios – Sarah Kim Wilde, Vivian Smith, Nancy Silver, …?
  • Section Leaders – Vivian Smith (sop), …?
  • Music Librarian(s) (ensure we have enough legal copies of the right printed sheet music for everyone at each rehearsal, all well-organized & cataloged) – Ellen Rubenstein Chelmis, …?
  • Rehearsal Hosts (help keep us on task, on time, on mission – like a master of ceremonies) – TBD
  • Logistics Maven / Business Manager (help keep us organized: coordinate times, dates, outfits, transportation, microphones and sound system availability, any setup needed, etc.) – TBD
  • Coaches: rhythm, artistry, presentation (for one song or rehearsal segment, sit in the congregation and give us feedback and coaching) – will vary from rehearsal to rehearsal
  • Congregational Advocates – will vary from rehearsal to rehearsal, assigned by the Director
  • Communications and Outreach: write and coordinate communications for The Menorah, for Temple announcements, JCC, wider community – TBD

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