Music Committee

The Music Committee acts on behalf of the congregation, the clergy, and the choir to select and plan the repertoire and performances of the choir.

  • Meet in person not less than quarterly to select and plan the repertoire for the upcoming 6-18 months.
  • Solicit and consider the ideas of the congregation (through any formal or informal means) and the choir.  Consider, in particular, the ideas suggested on the website’s music ideas page.
  • Coordinate with the Cantor, and the Rabbi to ensure that the choir’s repertoire and activities best support the religious life of the congregation.
  • Coordinate with the Director regarding the pace of new music introduction and the level of difficulty of new pieces.
  • Ensure that there is budget to purchase legal copies of the music for each currently active choir member.
  • Inform the music librarian of the need to purchase the music, and the desired schedule for making it available.
  • Ensure that the schedule of performances/activities feels balanced to the choir.  Balance is maintained in the frequency of activities, the intensity of preparation required, the audience (internal/external, big/small).



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