Learning Tracks

For each set of learning tracks, there is a “part-predominant” mp3 file which has your part in the right ear and all the other parts in the left ear.  There is also a “full mix” version so you can hear what the whole things sounds like all together.


Click the link that has your part name in it (i.e. “soprano”).

If this doesn’t work, it’s probably because your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox…) isn’t set up to play MP3 files automatically.  In this case, or if you want to download the MP3 to your computer and from there put it on an MP3 player (like an iPod), follow the directions below.

  1. RIGHT-click the link.
  2. From the short context menu, select “Save Target As…” (Internet Explorer) or “Save Link As…” (Firefox) or equivalent menu item for your browser.
  3. This will download the MP3 music file to your computer – you can save it anywhere you like.
  4. Find where you saved the file on your computer, and open it by double-clicking.  This will almost certainly launch a music player (Windows Media Player, Real Player, QuickTime…) and start playing the track.



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