Composed of entirely of volunteer congregants, the Congregational Choir exists to enhance the Jewish experience of everyone we touch.


The Choir offers choir members and the larger congregation a channel to a more meaningful and engaged Jewish life through the spiritual and emotional power of music.  The Choir offers numerous outlets for individual creativity, musical and spiritual growth, and participative leadership.


All repertoire is selected by a music committee in coordination with the Cantor with the sole intent of serving the interests of the congregation.  The repertoire includes a variety of styles, arrangements and accompaniment, and is selected to encourage congregational participation.


The Choir rehearsals are uplifting and compelling – they are Positive, Planned, and Participatory.

  • Positive: Fun, joyful, and meaningful.  Building upon strengths, continuous improvement, constructive coaching.
  • Prepared: Each rehearsal is planned beforehand to respect the time of each member.  Each rehearsal has a pre-planned balance of learning new music, enhancing old music, learning new musical skills, and enjoying singing with each other.
  • Participatory: The Choir offers numerous ways to express creativity and leadership, e.g. Assistant/Student Directors, Congregational Advocate, Music Committee, Centering Leader, Rehearsal Chair, etc.




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